Marijuana Raid Lawsuit

Compagnone v. State Police


This page is a resource page for lawsuit involving a raid by Massachusetts State Police seizing medical marijuana plants. The Plaintiffs seek return of the plants from the police, claiming the raid was unlawful. This page will be updated as new developments unfold. (Page last updated: October 24, 2016.)

Lawsuit Documents


 Statement by Attorney Marvin Cable

“The actions of the Massachusetts State Police were fundamentally wrong and unconstitutional. They violated the basic notions of privacy as granted by our state and national constitutions. Their actions lacked the prudence, reasonableness, and caution as also required by our constitutions.

“They came onto lawful citizens land and seized property with no probable cause, no search warrant, no satisfactory exception to the search warrant requirement. This is what our nation’s founders were seeking to avoid.

“This case is not just about medical marijuana, it’s about the government not respecting important civil rights.”

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