Attorney Cable and his team handle many matters that take place in the arena of internet and computers. Many of these matters involve the theft of intellectual property, and many other times the matters involve breach of contract between people making transactions on websites and transations involving websites.

The Law Offices of Marvin Cable is one of the only law firms in Western Massachusetts that handles matters involving internet and computers. One of the reasons for the limited amount of attorneys in this field is because the complexity of the matters. The matters usually involve multiple fields of law, and each one of these fields are complex in and of themselves.

Examples of matters that arise in this field of law, are those involving breach of contract with web design firms. Many time web design firms will be hired to design a website for a business, and that business will eventually stop paying the fees owed to the web design firm. Attorney Cable has resented several web design firms in their quest to receive fees owed to them.

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