For criminal defense issues, the Law Offices of Marvin Cable can handle criminal matters in all courts of Massachusetts. Attorney Cable, however, is frequently found in courts throughout western Massachusetts.

Attorney Cable’s a frequent flyer in the Hampshire County courthouses, especially at the Eastern Hampshire District Court in Belchertown, MA. Similarly, Attorney Cables often seen at the Northampton District Court in Northampton, MA. Attorney cable routinely practices in the Hampshire County area.

This includes criminal defense for crimes occurring in
• Amherst
• Belchertown
• Chesterfield
• Cummington
• Easthampton
• Goshen
• Granby
• Hadley
• Hatfield
• Huntington
• Middlefield
• Northampton
• Pelham
• Plainfield
• South Hadley
• Southampton
• Ware
• Westhampton
• Williamsburg
• Worthington

The Law Offices of Marvin Cable also handles criminal defense Superior Court Cases in all counties, but is mainly seen in the Hampshire County Court house in Northampton, MA.

Attorney Cable is available to tackle cases in all of the following counties:
• Berkshire
• Bristol
• Dukes
• Essex
• Franklin
• Hampden
• Hampshire
• Middlesex
• Nantucket
• Norfolk
• Plymouth
• Suffolk
• Worcester

The location of the crime determines which courthouse will be used. Each county in Massachusetts has its own set of courthouses. Generally, the location of the crime means that one of the courthouses in the county will be used. The next step is figuring out the appropriate courthouse.

For issues involving criminal matters, it is not necessary to determine which courthouse will be used. Defendants are told which courthouse the proceedings start in. In other words, if somebody is arrested, they will be told by the police which courthouse their case will be handled in. Later on, it might be necessary to remove the case to another courthouse. Point is, for criminal defendants there is no need to figure out which courthouse to start in.

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