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For those dealing with criminal legal matters, or looking for criminal defense lawyers, the Law Offices of Marvin Cable is ready to help.


Important: In trouble? Seek Legal Counsel Immediately!


Northampton area criminal defense lawyer.Anyone dealing criminal legal issues, whether someone has been charged with a crime, summonsed to court, arrested, or witnessed a crime, should seek competent legal counsel. One should never wait to protect their rights whether you contact us or other firms, those involved with legal matters should seek legal counsel as soon as possible.



Clients are Priority

Representing criminal cases throughout Hampshire County.Attorney Cable is a lawyer who takes time to review all aspects of the case, to explain the charges, and the criminal process. We hold true to the virtue that each client is unique. Representing human beings in matters of the greatest possible significance is an honor we do not take lightly.

Cut Above the Rest

What makes us different and arguably the best criminal defense representation is our client centered approach to cases. We try to put ourselves in your shoes. We try to be the type of lawyer that we would want to represent our relatives and close friends.

We would want a lawyer who treats the case seriously, even though the charges were not as serious as others. Surely you want a lawyer who was willing to put in the thought and the time to prepare and investigate the case thoroughly before making legal advice. We also respect every clients decision through the case, if a client wanted to have his or her case decided by a jury, Attorney Cable is ready to respect that decision and try the case.

Free Consultation

Contact us right now for a free consultation. Call us and we will discuss your legal matter(s). Of course, everything is confidential.

Some criminal defense attorneys offer free consultations, some do not. Whatever the case, finding an attorney is imperative. Also, it is important to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Even if no formal procedures by the police or government have been taken against you, it is wise and prudent to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

From Start to Finish

At the Law offices of Marvin cable, we all parts of the case from start to finish, including arrests, bail hearings, show cause hearings, arraignment, pretrial conferences, compliance hearings, motion to suppress or dismiss hearings, discovery motions, trial, sentencing, probation matters, postconviction/postdisposition matters, and pretrial diversions.
There are several advantages to having an attorney who handles legal matter through all the stages of the case. First and foremost, with an attorney who has the ability to handle entire cases,  that attorney can make better decisions from the beginning.   also, having an attorney through all the various pages of the criminal process is greatly helpful in making sure no stone gets left unturned.

Jurisdictions and Courthouses

For criminal defense issues, the Law Offices of Marvin Cable can handle criminal matters in all courts of Massachusetts. Attorney Cable, however, is frequently found in courts throughout western Massachusetts.

Attorney Cable’s a frequent flyer in the Hampshire County courthouses, especially at the Eastern Hampshire District Court in Belchertown, MA. Similarly, Attorney Cables often seen at the Northampton District Court in Northampton, MA. Attorney cable routinely practices in the Hampshire County area.

Palmer District Court - 235 Sykes Street Suite 3 Palmer, MA 01069-1190

Palmer District Court

205 State Street Route 202 P.O. Box 1490 Belchertown, MA 01007

Eastern Hampshire District Court

United States Courthouse 300 State Street, Suite 120 Springfield, Massachusetts 01105 413-785-6800

United States District Courthouse – District of Massachusetts – Springfield Division
(Springfield Federal Court)

Northampton Superior & District Court - 15 Gothic Street Northampton, MA 01060

Northampton Superior & District Court

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