Attorney Cable’s contract practice involves all aspects, from formation, to execution, to compliance, and, in some case, breach of contract. His experience at all ends of the contract gives the ability to see all aspects of the contract.

Contract drafting is one of the most important parts of contract law, and is rarely done effectively. Effective contract drafting involves many steps, and the steps are unique to each contract. Attorney Cable shines in his ability to tailor the contract drafting process to the needs of the client.

As happens very frequently, contracts are broken. Breach of contract is one of the most common violations of law. The Law Offices of Marvin Cable handles breach of contract claims, on behalf of both the victims of breach and the ones being accused of breach of contract. Attorney Cable and his team is able to handle breach of contract claims in all of the various venues, informal, arbitration, small claims court, district court, superior court, and federal court.

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