Attorney General Nominee Could Threaten Marijuana Legalization

During lunch the other day, my friend said that he doesn’t think there is much need for his marijuana advocacy anymore. He, a long-time marijuana advocate, had just witnessed his home state of Massachusetts legalize marijuana. But, the winds of change may also bring about a new era on a federal level. To my friend, I say, your work […]

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Law School Course Syllabus

TITLE: Marijuana Law & Policy. CREDITS: 2 credits. CLASSROOM HOURS & FORMAT: 28 classroom hours, in seminar format. DESCRIPTION: Marijuana has been a part of the human experience for centuries. But only within this last century has marijuana use become mostly The majority of polls, however, show a consensus of public opinion: continued enforcement of […]

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FedExing Marijuana

FedEx workers are allowed to hold suspicious packages, esspecially those that reak of marijuana and weigh many pounds. The following statement is by a FedEx worker whom made such a discovery. If this happens to you, if you are on the receiving end of a marijuana shipment, the best advice is to not try and claim […]

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Probable Cause of Marijuana Illegal Cultivation and Illegal Possession

In a case before the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, on behalf of NORML, this office argued that for purposes of obtaining a search warrant, police are required to ascertain that: an individual suspected of cultivating marijuana does not have a lawful medical marijuana license and a “cultivation registration” that would authorize such activity, or […]

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Motion to Suppress in Marijuana Case

Today,  April 15, 2014, in one our cases that has been ongoing since September 2013,  a hearing  to suppress evidence seized was held.   On behalf of our client, we requested that all evidence seized should be suppressed because the initial search was not based on probable cause. The supporting documents which details our argument are […]

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An Interesting Hearing

It took some digging to find this video. But, alas, it’s now found and uploaded to YouTube. In order to get this video, I actually had to install Windows XP on my incredibly agile Mac. I imagine my experience was like driving a Model-T Ford but only after driving a Porsche-911, everyday, for years. Also, […]

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