Copyright Office’s report on a two year study of copyright small claims.

The U.S. Copyright Office just released the findings of its two-year study on copyright small claims. The report documents the significant costs and other challenges of addressing copyright claims that have a relatively low economic value in the current federal system, and recommends the establishment of an alternative voluntary system of adjudication to be housed […]

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Our suit against Vantage Press, Inc.

  In the next few weeks, we intend to file suit in Superior Court.  We represent an author whom was hurt by Vantage Press, Inc. Our office lives for protecting the rights of independent creatives, like authors.           Photo attribution: Shelby H. @

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Authors standing up to Vantage Press

  May 3, 2013 Re: Vantage Press, Inc. Dear Author: I represent authors (hereafter “Authors”) who have been hurt by Vantage Press, Inc. (hereafter “Vantage”). Vantage recently ceased all business operations leaving many authors in the dust. Authors paid Vantage large sums of money for services they never will receive. My office is looking for […]

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