The 276/87 – Pre-trial diversion

A “276 87” disposition is usually an excellent resolution to a criminal case. Basically, Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 276, section 87 allows for a criminal case to be dismissed, as long as defendant adheres to certain terms.  In other words, under this law, a defendant is placed on probation for a certain period of time, and must adhere to certain terms […]

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Criminal records sealing for Massachusetts

Criminal Records in Massachusetts

Criminal offender record information (CORI) is a person’s criminal record history. Your CORI report is a summary of all your criminal cases in the Massachusetts state courts. CORI does not include restraining order cases or other non-criminal matters such as “51A” reports of child abuse or neglect made to the Department of Children and Families. […]

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Law School Course Syllabus

TITLE: Marijuana Law & Policy. CREDITS: 2 credits. CLASSROOM HOURS & FORMAT: 28 classroom hours, in seminar format. DESCRIPTION: Marijuana has been a part of the human experience for centuries. But only within this last century has marijuana use become mostly The majority of polls, however, show a consensus of public opinion: continued enforcement of […]

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FedExing Marijuana

FedEx workers are allowed to hold suspicious packages, esspecially those that reak of marijuana and weigh many pounds. The following statement is by a FedEx worker whom made such a discovery. If this happens to you, if you are on the receiving end of a marijuana shipment, the best advice is to not try and claim […]

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Probable Cause of Marijuana Illegal Cultivation and Illegal Possession

In a case before the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, on behalf of NORML, this office argued that for purposes of obtaining a search warrant, police are required to ascertain that: an individual suspected of cultivating marijuana does not have a lawful medical marijuana license and a “cultivation registration” that would authorize such activity, or […]

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Changes in Motor Vehicle Law 2014 – Short List

Comm. v. Correia, 83 Mass. App. Ct. 780 (2013): Off-duty officer may delay issuing a citation so long as the motorist is told about the violation and the citation is delivered within a reasonable amount of time. Comm. v. Celletti, 2012 WL 6621774 (Appeals Court): Forwarding a second citation in order to comply with administrative […]

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Death Penalty in Massachusetts

While doing some research about double jeopardy for a client, we came across documents talking about double jeopardy in the Boston Bomber’s  (Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s) case.  With some extra time on hand, curiosity led to reading more of the documents on his docket.  Upon reading the docket, it became apparent that one of the most interesting […]

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Modern Brief Writing Technologies

Using Newest Technology for Crafting Briefs If you are familiar with this law office, with the way we work, with our creativity,  with our use of the best technologies available,  it will come as no surprise that the topic of electronic legal briefs is of great interest to us.  Since we strive to use the […]

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Motion to Suppress in Marijuana Case

Today,  April 15, 2014, in one our cases that has been ongoing since September 2013,  a hearing  to suppress evidence seized was held.   On behalf of our client, we requested that all evidence seized should be suppressed because the initial search was not based on probable cause. The supporting documents which details our argument are […]

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