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Thank you for visiting our website. Whether you are looking for legal advice or are checking our credentials, we hope the information on this site provides sufficient information about our practice and what we do. If you are looking for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

First, we truly enjoy representing our business clients. Almost without exception, every business client that chooses to engage us stays with us for the long-term. The majority of clients on our business roster use us over and over for issues that arise. This is because our business clients overwhelmingly are happy with our services and the value we provide. Another reason why business client stay with us is because our prices are relatively low. This is not because we provide cheap services but because we recognize the value of repeat business, and know how to keep our costs down. Business clients routinely provide repeat business, and our low fees reflect that.

Specifically speaking, our business practice involves many aspects of the law. Generally speaking, we are a full-service business law firm. We work with clients that seek to start a business, we work with clients that seek to dissolve the business, and most things in between.

Business Areas of Practice

Here’s some areas of our business practice, but not limited to:

  • Business organization – incorporation ( LLC, LLP, etc.), bylaws, corporate partnering
  • Contracts – drafting, review, negotiation, and enforcement.
  • Labor and employment – hiring, firing, separation, employment termination disputes, legal compliance ( equal opportunity and affirmative action, labor laws, etc.)
  • Financing – handling public sources of capital, venture capital, debt financing
  • Litigation – breach of contract, liability, insurance
  • Stockholder freeze outs and deadlocks
  • Corporate takeovers and acquisitions
  • Liquidation and dissolution
  • Leveraged buyouts and going private transactions
  • Estate planning for closely held enterprises
  • Corporate maintenance
  • Proprietary information protection, including intellectual property ( copyrights, trademarks, patents)
  • Technology licensing
  • Distribution and sales arrangements
  • Franchise development
  • Commercial real estate
  • Insurance and loss prevention
  • White-collar criminal liability
  • Stock issue and transfer
  • Employee stock ownership plans
  • Antitrust issues
  • Legal opinions
  • Zoning and permitting
  • Review of business plans
  • Asset sales and acquisitions

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