Application for Personal Caregivers

Because of the amount of requests, here is the application for people applying to be a personal caregiver in Massachusetts. Seen below is a preview. The full application is $5. After purchase, the application is instantly available for download.   $5.00

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A Growing Concern

As many people know, our firm represents many medical marijuana patients in Massachusetts. We have found that a majority of patients who are growing their own marijuana under the ‘limited cultivation registration,’ do not know that this right will be void January 1, 2014.  Also, new medical marijuana patients who wish to grow their own […]

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Video Confessions = Bad

Interesting situation here: days after Matt Cordle, 22, from Ohio, confessed in an online video (seen below) to drinking heavily and driving the wrong way on I-670 in Ohio, leading to a fatal crash Downtown, he pleaded not guilty on charges of aggravated vehicular homicide and driving while intoxicated. Reasons are unclear as to why […]

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Loose Lips Sink Ships

As far as advice from lawyers goes, one of the most often given, and most true is:  when dealing with police, keep your mouth shut.  Do not talk to the police without a lawyer present. Only provide the police with your identifying information. Even if you are 100% innocent it is not worth it.  Even […]

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Motions to Suppress

In Massachusetts, police officers are accustomed to searching someone and their property when they believe someone is in possession of marijuana, whether that belief was formed because they see marijuana, smell marijuana, whatever. Police officers are allowed to search citizens when there is: information sufficient to warrant a prudent person’s belief that such person had […]

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Authors standing up to Vantage Press

  May 3, 2013 Re: Vantage Press, Inc. Dear Author: I represent authors (hereafter “Authors”) who have been hurt by Vantage Press, Inc. (hereafter “Vantage”). Vantage recently ceased all business operations leaving many authors in the dust. Authors paid Vantage large sums of money for services they never will receive. My office is looking for […]

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