Modern Brief Writing Technologies

Using Newest Technology for Crafting Briefs If you are familiar with this law office, with the way we work, with our creativity,  with our use of the best technologies available,  it will come as no surprise that the topic of electronic legal briefs is of great interest to us.  Since we strive to use the […]

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Motion to Suppress in Marijuana Case

Today,  April 15, 2014, in one our cases that has been ongoing since September 2013,  a hearing  to suppress evidence seized was held.   On behalf of our client, we requested that all evidence seized should be suppressed because the initial search was not based on probable cause. The supporting documents which details our argument are […]

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Lawrence v. Texas – Liberty for All

My new favorite case is Lawrence v. Texas. After I  dug into this case, magical doors were opened. Lawrence is a game changer and my arsenal’s new favorite weapon. In its most basic sense, Lawrence reasons that laws are invalid when it punishes ‘victimless crimes’ or actions which are deemed immoral by the majority. More, […]

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An Interesting Hearing

It took some digging to find this video. But, alas, it’s now found and uploaded to YouTube. In order to get this video, I actually had to install Windows XP on my incredibly agile Mac. I imagine my experience was like driving a Model-T Ford but only after driving a Porsche-911, everyday, for years. Also, […]

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A Fork in the Fourth

Provided below is a great article about an unique part of the fourth amendment. Enjoy! Prelude: Generally, the 4th amendment of the constitution of the United States commands: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants […]

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Current Sobriety Tests Aren’t Sensitive to Cannabis Intoxication

Massachusetts is among the handful of states that allow for qualified patients to consume medical cannabis. However, the drug may not be used if it will impair a drivers ability to operate motor vehicles.  Currently, there is no way to test whether cannabis has impaired a driver’s ability to operate. Due to the lack of  […]

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