Syllabus for INFOSEC 690L Internet Law & Policy

The following is the syllabus from a class taught by Attorney Marvin Cable at University of Massachusetts during 2017. Instructor Marvin Cable, J.D., Esq. Communicating with Instructor. Instructor will attempt to respond to e-mails within 24 hours, except during weekends. There may be other times during the course where response time may be longer – […]

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On Creating a Privacy Policy

In general: There is no one-size-fits-all solution in making a privacy policy. No single privacy policy should contain all or most of the model provisions. The model also may not contain provisions that relate to detailed practices of a specific company. All statements made in a privacy policy statement must be both accurate and not […]

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Real Estate Broker

Exciting news! Marvin Cable, Esq., is now a licensed Real Estate Broker. This is exciting because it adds a whole new realm of services for clients and potential clients. Moving forward, Mr. Cable will soon begin offering services, such as, but not limited to, real estate purchases, sales, and leases. Please stay tuned to our progress and keep us […]

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Attorney General Nominee Could Threaten Marijuana Legalization

During lunch the other day, my friend said that he doesn’t think there is much need for his marijuana advocacy anymore. He, a long-time marijuana advocate, had just witnessed his home state of Massachusetts legalize marijuana. But, the winds of change may also bring about a new era on a federal level. To my friend, I say, your work […]

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The 276/87 – Pre-trial diversion

A “276 87” disposition is usually an excellent resolution to a criminal case. Basically, Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 276, section 87 allows for a criminal case to be dismissed, as long as defendant adheres to certain terms.  In other words, under this law, a defendant is placed on probation for a certain period of time, and must adhere to certain terms […]

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Criminal records sealing for Massachusetts

Criminal Records in Massachusetts

Criminal offender record information (CORI) is a person’s criminal record history. Your CORI report is a summary of all your criminal cases in the Massachusetts state courts. CORI does not include restraining order cases or other non-criminal matters such as “51A” reports of child abuse or neglect made to the Department of Children and Families. […]

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